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Elit Energy Mechatronics and Makine San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Our company, which has switched to corporate identity on 08.10.2012, is a company based on quality -based customer satisfaction, and has aimed to respond to your needs and have a solution partner. Elite Energy, Automatic Vehicle Washing Machinery Manufacturing and Installation, Industrial Facilities Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Electrical Sub -and Sup on Project, Installation and Contracting Works, Various Machinery Parts and Shava Manufacturing Works, Steel Construction Mounting and Disability works. Other details about our business lines are as follows:

1- Vehicle washing machines manufacturing, assembly, disassembly and relocation works
Small Vehicle Outdoor Washing Unit, Bus Outdoor Washing Unit, Trailer Truck Outdoor Washing Unit, Train Metro and Tram Vehicles External Washing Unit

2- 2- Industrial plants, water treatment and recycling systems installation and operation works
By making a small investment, you can prevent environmental pollution, as well as the wastewater you have used in your washing facility over and over again and you can provide a large -scale savings in your budget. Our preferred package treatment systems in automatic vehicle washing machines and washing plants make reusable reusable by purifying approximately 75-80 %of waste water. These units, which are easy to use and are very low in operating costs, are produced as 3m3/hour -5m3/h and 10m3/h. There are different models depending on the operating size and the form of facility.

3- Compensation Board Assembly and Disassembly Works:
Thanks to the regular maintenance and load distribution we have made with our experienced staff, we not only save you from paying the suspended invoice, but also make your valuable machinery and equipment lasting. In each enterprise, there are many loads containing magnetic fields such as engine, transformer or fluorescent lamp lighting systems with coil. Although these loads use most of the energy they draw from the network as useful, they use some as a magnetic field. This energy, which is not directly used, is called “reactive energy .. This reactive power causes unnecessary losses in transmission lines, transformers, panels, switches and cables, and causes the engines to heat up by extreme current. When these losses can be destroyed, the transformers will have a capacity to feed more motor, the cutters will not be selected unnecessarily, and the cables used will be selected in a smaller section. In addition to less investment, the engine will pay less electrical energy each month in terms of tariffs applied. The transport of reactive power from the power plant to the recipient appears to be a major economic loss. As a result, in order to compensate for this reactive energy, the compensation panel must be placed in enterprises that consume energy over a certain power. Compensation is also indispensable for the country's economy due to the waste of energy and it was compulsory for enterprises with the latest decision taken from the Energy Market Regulatory Authority as the decision of the Board. The decision of this Board entered into force by published in the Official Gazette dated 15.01.2004 and numbered 25347 dated 15.01.2004. The inductive energy spent by these enterprises with compensation panel making and operating panels, maximum 33 %of the active energy can be up to 20 %of the active energy.Otherwise, the enterprise is obliged to pay a penalty invoice.

4- Electrical Installation Contracting Maintenance Works: Gas stations electrical contract, turnkey construction projects, road, bridge, tunnel, overpass, underpass, building, park and green areas lighting, lighting, direct (concrete, galvanized) planting and renovation works, Signaling Systems Installation and Operation Works, Energy Transplant Lines, Energy Delivery, Electrical Plant and Underground Network Construction Maintenance and Repair Works, Medium Voltage Direct Planting, Cable Pulling Works, Electronic fire detection and extinguishing systems installation, road, tunnel, building automation, illuminated panels, variable road markings, concrete channel, cable pan copper and fiber optic cable works.

5- Various machine parts and chip manufacturing works,
6- Steel Construction Assembly and Disassembly Works
Elit Energy is an organization that provides solutions to all institutions and local governments in its sector and provides design, material supply, assembly, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance services for construction, electromechanical and telecommunication systems which are necessary to implement these solutions. Elite Energy has contributed to the domestic project over thirty, and is at your service 24/7 with mechanical engineers and technical personnel.

Our company is also included in domestic and international partnerships in order to support this purpose and expand its range of solutions. Elit Energy is now preparing to serve in the construction of solid waste storage and re -evaluation facilities in order to contribute more to local governments. Our Production Policies as Elite Energy

All of our vehicle washing machines produced since the day it was established are produced in accordance with ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System and CE standardization.
Elit Energy moves fully in compliance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and works within the framework of BSI OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard and 6331-6645 Occupational Health and Safety Law. Elit Energy Mekatronik and Makine San. Tic. Ltd. Ltd.