QM9 series brushed QM9 series with 2.50mt and 3mt washing height and 2.2mt washing width is produced for settlements such as gas stations, parking lots, car rental stations, truck parks, etc.

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General Features

The QM 9 Series, the design pioneer of Elit Mekatronik, is one of our favorite models with its customer-oriented, competitive, fast, long-lasting and compact modular design, successful in engineering design and the most preferred, highly reliable technological structure.

Personalized body color and brush colors can be designed.


The outer body has a compact structure that can be used for a long time with its hot-dip galvanized oven paint, modular structure, water nozzles that minimize consumption, durable and special production brush system, IP class protection electrical panel, pumps and motors.


Thanks to the specially designed mechanism, the tilted brush and walking wheels are designed with the option of customer-oriented extras, the PLC profinet communication protocol, remote control and data sharing possibilities of our software.

Usage Areas

The QM9 series with brushes of the QM9 series has a washing height of 2.50 meters and 3 meters and a washing width of 2.2 meters.

Optional Products

In addition to sub-chassis washing, rim washing, pressure side wheel washing, foam, polish, disinfectant and drying system, it offers professional washing service with preferable technological design.

Pioneering Design Model

The QM9 9 series, which has 11 different washing options with a TFT 7-11 inch color screen with Pofinet connection, also has each unit disabled and commissioning fault warning system, fault codes and central help connection option on the screen.
Thanks to the TFT color screen on the remote or control panel, instant and daily car washes, electricity, water, foam, polish and drying unit consumption information menu.

Technical Data

  • Max vehicle height: 2300
  • Max vehicle width: 2500
  • Rail length: 10.000 – 11.000
  • Rail width : 2900

Consumption Information

  • Number of shampoo and polish nozzles – 8 nozzles, 6.60 L/min 1.35 gpm 3 bar 48.5 psi
  • Number of water rinse nozzles: 4 external long nozzles 22.5 l/min 6.234 gpm 3 bar 48.5 psi
  • Air pressure 6 Bar – 10 lt /min
  • Number of brushes and consumption: 2 vertical 1 horizontal
  • Electric installed power and consumption: 20 kw 380 / 50 Hz 0.30 kw electricity consumption 1 car wash
  • Water pressure and consumption: 3 bar – 45 lt / min
  • Washing time: 3-6 min / vehicle


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